Protego – Established in 1954, Protego is the technology leader in their field of expertise in flame arresters and breather valves in the oil and gas, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and bio-energy industry. With various model and series of products, Protego have the deep technical support to ensure proper sizing and selection of product especially in the low pressure and vacuum settings.

Pressure control is essential in closed tanks or containers that hold liquids. A reliable system for releasing built-up pressure and adjusting for vacuum conditions is essential for safe operations. Protego breather valve provides the exact solution for this. These protego breather valves are essential for preserving the ideal pressure levels in tanks because they are fitted with valve pallets that are either weight-loaded or spring-loaded. Protego valves are extremely tight. The valve leakage is far less than what local environmental protection agencies need.

Protego valves are the reliable option in industrial applications because of their creative design and exceptional performance. It is also essential to the safety and effectiveness of operations. Protego flame arresters that are OEM components, units are product variants that are created by authorized and qualified manufacturers incorporate into their branded goods.


Leser – Established in 1818 in Germany, Leser is market leader in the field of safety valves in Germany and Europe. With their popular API 526 valve (526 series) and compact performance valve (437 and 459 series) bundled with short production lead-time, Leser valve can be found in various industries globally. Leser have clean service valve (488 series) and critical service valve (447 series) for specialised industries. 


FlowSafe – Wien Technologies is the authorised distributor for FlowSafe valve. Flow Safe is a manufacturer of high quality and high-performance pressure relief devices. The valve is specifically designed for applications in Natural Gas Distribution, Pipeline, Aerospace, Marine, Industrial Gasses and other liquid and gas process applications.

High-performance pressure relief valves with spring and pilot operations are produced by Flowsafe. Industries require the Flowsafe valves product range in their applications and process. Being the only producer of pressure Flowsafe relief valves that provide a standard 3-year limited product warranty makes Flowsafe very proud!

Competitive costs and ready stocks, items are plug-and-play with a three-year guarantee on all products, available in custom sizes, excellent performance and low maintenance, the Flowsafe valves can be chosen for your needs based on the above number of characteristics, which also includes well-stocked inventories and US manufacturing.

Go to Flowsafe relief valves catalog to browse all products or do contact us to know your requirements and suggest products according to it.


Crosby – Established in 1874, Crosby valve is market leader in over pressure protection industry. With wide range of models selection like mainstream valve JOS and JBS series, and niche valve like JQ and PVR series used in corrosive or food and pharmaceutical industry, Crosby has the solution for all over pressure protection applications.

In the world, petrochemical and chemical processing, nuclear and conventional power, and the production and refining of oil and gas all make extensive use of direct spring-operated safety valves and thermal relief valves. The most comprehensive and powerful flow facilities in the business for testing in air, steam, and water are maintained by our Crosby thermal relief valves.

Crosby is a global supplier of Crosby valve, Crosby safety valve, Crosby thermal relief valve, isolation, and process control solutions for the mining, chemical, energy, and life science sectors. For years, our automation technologies have been the driving force behind efficient operations.


Anderson Greenwood – Established in 1947, Anderson Greenwood started off as a light aircraft manufacturer. Subsequently, the company moves on to valve production focuses on pressure relief valves and pilot operated safety valve used in tank protection for the in the oil and gas, chemical and power generation industry.

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