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Industrial valves are essential to many different businesses because they regulate the flow of gases or liquids through a system. 

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Typical Applications of Valves

The following are some typical applications for industrial valves in various industries:

  • Within the oil and gas industry, valves are utilized in the operations of production, distribution, refining, and exploration. Through storage tanks, processing facilities, and pipelines, they regulate the flow of refined goods, natural gas, and crude oil.
  • In the chemical industry, to control the flow of various chemicals, acids, and solvents, valves are crucial in chemical processing facilities. They guarantee effectiveness and safety when working with caustic and dangerous materials.
  • In water treatment plants, valves are used to regulate the flow of wastewater, chemicals, and water. They support procedures including clean water distribution, disinfection, and filtration.
  • In power generation plants steam, water, and other fluid flows are managed by valves in power plants, which include nuclear, thermal, and hydroelectric plants. They are essential for controlling flow rates, pressure, and temperature in the systems that generate electricity.
  • In the mining industry, valves are essential for managing the flow of chemicals, slurries, and water used in the extraction, processing, and transportation of minerals. They facilitate downtime reduction and production optimization.
  • In the food and beverage industry, to regulate the flow of materials, drinks, and cleaning supplies, food processing facilities use valves. Valves guarantee accuracy, hygienic practices, and adherence to food safety laws.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, by controlling the flow of chemicals, solvents, and gases, valves are essential to the production processes. They guarantee sterility, precision, and adherence to strict quality requirements.
  • Valves are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for controlling the flow of air, water, and refrigerants. They help in maintaining comfort levels and energy efficiency in buildings.
  • In the automotive manufacturing process, valves are used to regulate the flow of fluids in engines and other automotive systems, including fuel, oil, and coolant.

Top 3 Valve Manufacturers and their Products

There are many companies manufacturing different types of valves such as breather valves, flame arresters, thermal relief valves and safety valves. Among them Protego valve, Flowsafe valve and Crosby valve are always the choice of most industrial manufacturers.

1. Protego Valve

Protego is a top valve distributor for industrial applications all over Singapore. Protego valves are industrial valves used in storage tanks, vessels, and other equipment to prevent over pressure or vacuum conditions. They are sometimes referred to as conservation vents or pressure/vacuum relief valves. 

Protego Valve
Protego Breather Valve

A Protego breather valve is used mainly to shield storage tanks and vessels from extreme vacuum or pressure situations brought on by variations in fluid level, temperature, or external variables like fire exposure. The Protego breather valve opens to discharge excess pressure to the atmosphere in the event of an overpressure within the tank or vessel, preventing structural damage or equipment rupture. Similar to this, the Protego breather valve equalizes the pressure in the tank by allowing ambient air to enter, keeping the vessel from collapsing or deforming, in vacuum situations brought on by fluid withdrawal or temperature variations.

Protego Flame Arresters

Protego flame arresters are safety devices used in equipment that contains flammable gases, vapors, or liquids to stop fires from spreading into storage tanks, vessels, pipelines, or other areas. A Protego flame arresters main job is to prevent flames from spreading and entering a pipeline or vessel while still permitting gasses or vapors to pass through it during regular operations. Protego manufactures different types of flame arresters, which includes deflagration flame arresters, detonation flame arresters, end-of-line flame arresters, in-line flame arresters, and vent stack flame arresters, each type is designed for specific applications and requirements.

2. Crosby Valve

Industries all over the world rely on Crosby valve for their high quality, dependability, and effectiveness in protecting vital machinery and processes against overpressure situations, as well as for guaranteeing productivity, safety, and legal compliance. Crosby valve is used in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, power generation, and water treatment, among many others. To help customers with valve selection, installation, operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting, For Crosby Valve, they offer technical support, training, and aftermarket services. This guarantees optimal performance and dependability for the duration of the valve’s life cycle.

Crosby Valve
Crosby Thermal Relief Valve

Crosby thermal relief valve, safety devices intended to automatically release excess pressure in a system to prevent equipment damage, over pressurization, and potential risks like explosions or ruptures, make up the majority of Crosby valve. When pressure relief is required to safeguard machinery, workers, and the environment, 

Crosby Safety Valve

The Crosby Group, a world leader in the design, production, and distribution of lifting and rigging equipment, industrial valves, and other safety-related goods, makes Crosby safety valve, a particular kind of pressure relief valve. Crosby safety valve is engineered to autonomously release surplus pressure within a system, mitigating the risk of equipment impairment, excessive pressurization, and possible dangers like explosions or ruptures. In many industrial applications where pressure relief is required, they are a vital safety device.

3. Flowsafe Valves

FlowSafe valves are specific type of pressure relief valves created and produced by Flow Safe, Inc., a business that specializes in cutting-edge pressure relief solutions for a range of sectors.  Innovative design elements are included into FlowSafe valves’ engineering to provide dependable and effective pressure release. These characteristics could include precise machining, enhanced flow routes, cutting-edge sealing technologies, and robust materials that resist challenging operating environments.

Flowsafe Valves
Flowsafe Relief Valves

A range of flowsafe relief valves designed to meet certain needs and applications. These could be pilot-operated, spring-loaded, thermal relief, or other specialty valves made for various process conditions and pressure relief scenarios. Industrial customers may obtain products, knowledge, and assistance wherever they operate by using the wide network of authorized distributors and service centers that distribute Flowsafe relief valves worldwide.